V Shape Torso!


To get a great V shape Torso you must Work your back and your obliques to a burn. This program is a great way to look great in T-shirts and incredible at the Beach.

Day 1: Weight Training
Warm-up: 15 Mins, Stepmaster, Rowing or Running.


Cable Row (close grip)

Lat Pulldown

Overhead Pull over

Wide Grip Row using Smith Machine Bar.

Standing Flat Bar pulldown
*extend arms out horisontal pull down the flat bar so hands come down to your hips.


Roman Twists
*use medicine ball, feet on ground, sitting, bent knees, back flat dipping the ball side to side squeezing obliques

Side Crunches
*fold feet side, crunch up forward, squeeze sides of the stomach

Side Oblique Raises on Exercise Ball.

Day 2

Swimmming: 15 laps of Front Crawl
10 laps of Back Crawl

Rest. Repeat Cycle

If you have any questions e-mail me at info@freeworkoutgudies.com
or Ask your weight room attendant at the gym... Its what they are there for.

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You should do this program for 2 weeks once every 3 months. Its important to switch off and make sure your working your other body muscle groups as well. This program will help you keep a good-solid-structure.

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