Thor Workout


Chris Hemsworth Workout

How did Chris Hemsworth get so jacked for THOR???

Well, his secrets are revealed below as well as the workout!

Secret #1: No More than 10 Reps: Anything over 10 reps would engage slow-twitch muscle. For muscle buildling and packing on lean mass it is essential to stick to the fast twitch.

Secret #2: No More than 45 Minutes: After 45 minutes testosterone decreases dramatically and the stresshormone increaes.Taking shorter rest to move from exercise to exercise is more vitil to an increase of muscle density.

Secret #3: No more than 3-5 Sets per Muscle Group: Too many sets exhaust the muscles to death. The objective is to spark the muscles and fatigue them in as little sets as possible at 100% effort. This is more effective then using say 80% effort to do more sets!

Secret #4: Increase Strength by 5% Every 2 weeks: Muscles can't grow until you break them down first. Set a goal of increases your weight to help you achieve 5% strength and gradually build up your strength and power as your muscles work-recover-repair to fuel you to the next workout!


Consisting of compound exercises to ignite a unison of strength throughout the body this workout packs on lean muscle mass. It also exhausts the body and requires proper nutritional recovery for optimal gains.


Sets and Reps 3x10 (unless stated otherwise)
Duration: 45 minutes Total

Single Arm- Clean and Press (Dumbbell or Kettlebell)

Barbell Squats

Pull-ups 10 reps 5 sets

Bent Over Barbell Row

Barbell Back Lunges

Barbell Standing Shoulder Press

Kettle Bell Thrusts


Floor Wipers 30 reps
Lying Leg Raises 30 reps

*Superset these with 3 sets*

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