Stability Ball Ab Routine - Video

Dylan Hickey Stability Ball Routine
Hey guys, we promised more videos, heres one more out of many to come. Enjoy.

Dylan Here, showing you how to get more rock hard abs with the stability Ball!
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I did this ab workout today

arm88's picture

I did this ab workout today and its a LOT harder than I thought it would be. My abs got killed. awesome video!
- Alex

Damn, I wonder what I would

justin's picture

Damn, I wonder what I would look like with Dylan's bf percentage! haha

Lol, maybe like GSP their -

arm88's picture

Lol, maybe like GSP their
- Alex

Hey, Dylan, very nice use of

cameron's picture

Hey, Dylan, very nice use of stability ball. I will get one soon.

I'm new to site and it seems great so far.


No Problem Buddy, I'm coming

dylan's picture

No Problem Buddy, I'm coming out with a guide with the Exercise Band too. Might as well pick up one of those while your at it!

Stability ball, exercise

cameron's picture

Stability ball, exercise bands, anything else? What about one of those abs wheels?

What do you know of the Iron Gym? I think I could use that in my dorm room though it seems to hang low in an already low door way.

Is there a cheap roman chair sit up bench I can buy for my dorm room--bench that has a small footprint?

I'd like to have it hand for doing them whenever I can.


hi dylan, i have a question,

RaadV's picture

hi dylan, i have a question, how many times a week can i do resistance (running) training and core training without burning my legs or in the core case, the abs?

also, will i get fat if i eat rice (one cup) in the night if i have already eaten one on the afternoon.

Many thanks.

Oh thanks you answered my

RaadV's picture

Oh thanks you answered my rice question =)

The running question was about if i get skinny because running too much (protein burn) but i started researching, and i found something pretty cool: sprinting, i think that's the way of burning fat without loosing body mass while working your lungs.

Am i right or there's something that is wrong, please comment about sprinting, if it's good as they say (internet) or if it's better to just jog.



Sprinting is a form of

cameron's picture

Sprinting is a form of interval training. Interval training is what you want. I know some guys who play racquetball and like it for cardio and for interval benefits.

I don't have a need to burn bodyfat but am trying to add muscle--lean muscle--by not overeating to "bulk up" (aka, lazy eating habits).


Resistance training is not

dylan's picture

Resistance training is not considered running,
resistance training is using weights, I'm not sure what your trying to say, if you just begin to run and are getting back into it you are going to feel it in your legs are core... there is no way around it but to run more to let your body adapt... did i answer your question?

white rice is bad... if your going to eat rice eat brown rice or wild... it won't make you fat.. if you exercise, but white rice contains alot of sugar.... similar to white bread.

brown and whole wheat is always the way to go.

How big's your ball? I got

cameron's picture

How big's your ball?

I got asked that question today. I told a guy at the gym that I bought a stability ball. He didn't know what size to buy. I got lucky and the guy at the store told me which to get.

But I did research and here's the best link on which size ball to buy. I learned that it's not just about how tall you are! It is more how long your legs are--buy a ball that allows you to sit on it with your legs bent at 90 deg.

Next time someone asks you how big's your ball, you can tell them!


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