There are some major reasons for having a spotter at the gym, some of these are:


  • The obvious one, safety.
  • Having a spotter in the gym can prevent you form dropping a weight on your self.
  • Also, from straining you’re self to get the last rep up.

Faster Improvements

  • This is especially true for strength training.
  • When you have a spotter you can get those last couple of reps in that you wouldn’t have been conformable doing before. This will allow you to do more micro trauma and intern getting stronger faster.

Keep you in check

  • Having a good spotter can keep you in check. Meaning, when most people are trying to push out those last few reps they have a tendency to break forum (common to most people), spotters can correct this.

  • Also, you may have a tendency to stop breathing (also common to most people) spotters can remind you to keep breathing.

Other factors

  • Spotters can help you achieve your one rep max.
  • Spotters can keep you motivated at the gym.
  • Spotters can keep you from getting bored.

Requirements for a spotter

  • Spotters should be around your strength.
  • Should pay attention (not starring off at the girls or guys what ever your into)
  • Knows what their doing.
  • Also, you should tell the spotter that you’re trying to accomplish. (ex: “I want to do 5 sets of negatives on the bench” and “I’m going to lift on the count of 3” ect.)

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