SciVation Showtime - Advanced Water Pill

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SciVation Showtime - Advanced Water Pill

Hey guys, first day testing out this pill. I'm not in anyway 'cut' but I'm going to give her a test for those seeking more definition from water depletion. It's a 3-4 day process so if your looking to hit up a party / beach this might be a good solution to get fast results. I'll test her for you!

Here's as the product reads:
The goal on competition day is to come in hard, full, and dry! Coming in dry means you have very little water under you skin, which makes you look more detailed and refined and gives you a better chance at winning the show. Maybe you have a pool party and just want to look a little better than usual. Getting rid of the water under your skin will make you look more ripped and chiseled. Getting rid of the water under your skin is accomplished by using specific water dropping techniques and/or using diuretics. Scivation has formulated a new natural, herbal diuretic based on what Chuck Rudolph recommends for coming in dry and hard. Introducing Scivation Showtime!

Scivation Showtime contains:

  • Dandelion Extractf
  • Uva Ursi
  • Vitamin B6
  • Potassium

Scivation Showtime contains all the ingredients you need to naturally expel water. We choose not to include caffeine in this formula for two reasons: (1) most people already take products with caffeine in them and (2) not including caffeine allows users to take Showtime in the late evening and before going to bed without interrupting their sleep. As any competitor knows it is very hard to sleep the night before a competition and the last thing you need is stimulants running through you keeping you awake. Scivation has taken the guess work out of getting dry with the combination of our Peak Week Strategies, found in our books The Cut Diet and Game Day, and our natural diuretic formula Showtime. Scivation Showtime is perfect for dropping water before a competition, pool party, or anytime you want to look your best.

Day one: Wake up eat breakfast meal - down 5 of these pills with 16 ounces of water, head to work. Through the day at work I noticed bathroom breaks much more frequent. (You piss hella!) I continue to drink water through-out the day to lessen chances of dehydration. 4:00pm hits ...5 more pills effects continue.

Day two: More peeing, nothing noticeable yet, weight stayed the same.

Day three: Same as yesterday, except my skin feels softer, and indeed thinner.

Day four: Final results. I lost 3 pounds of water weight, I still look similar to before I took them, but the water is gone.

Conclusion: So in conclusion, I would buy these pills. They did their intended job, got the water out from underneath my skin, my only beef is; don't use them unless your cut because it really doesn't make that much of a difference. I will be using these pills again once my body fat is somewhere around 7-9%.

Justin Hinchcliffe

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Water pills are not the

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Water pills are not the safest thing or the best for weight loss. Your kidneys remove water and toxins from your blood stream. Water pills are used mostly for women on their period. Just a healthy diet low in salt and exercise will help your body keep the water it needs, cause we all know that your body is between 70-80% water.

I agree, this is not the

justin's picture

I agree, this is not the safest alternative to weight loss. Only use this pills if your going into a bodybuilding competition.

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