Rush Fit Workout George St. Pierre


Rush-Fit HOME Workout

Welcome to the George St. Pierre Workout Rush-Fit Workout. This workout can be done at home using just two 25lb Dumbbells.


Standing sprints 30 seconds
High Knees 30 seconds
Plank Burpees 30 seconds
Speed Push-ups 30 seconds
*rest 45 seconds*

Repeat 3x

Dumbell Squat to Shoulder Press- 15 reps
Bent Over Dumbell Wide Rows - 15 reps
Walking Dumbell Lunges - 16 reps (8/side)
*rest 45 seconds*

Repeat 3x

1 Leg Push-ups - 10 reps/side
Frontal Dumbell Swing - 15 reps/side ( use power from legs)
Bent Over Rows - 10 reps/side (elbows in)
*rest 45 seconds*

Repeat 3x

Shadow Box 30 seconds
Bent Over Power Rows, Alternating Arms 30 seconds
Bicep Curls 30 seconds

Repeat 3x

Weight Crunches 20 reps
Floor wipers (holding weights out for stabilization) 20 reps
Bicycles 50 reps

Repeat 3x


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