Rock Climbing Guide


My interest with rock climbing began when I decided I needed a good back and bicep workout. I went rock climbing and when I left my whole body too a shock. I felt great and decided it was worth a membership. Here is a program you can do at the gym to get a great body and help you a tone for rock climbing.

    3 sets of 12 The exercises grouped in pairs are to be Supersetted

    Isometric Lateral Shoulder Raise (raise weights to the side hold for 15 sec)

    Lat Pulldown 12 reps wide grip
    Lat Pulldown 12 reps chin up grip

    Hanging Leg Raises
    Squats with 20 lb weight to chest

    Cable Rotation ( attach a handle to chest level extend your arms while keeping your feet planted and twist from the core)This works your obliqes

    Cable Row

    10 push-ups
    10 crunches
    9 push-ups
    9 crunches
    back to back all the way down until you reach 0.

Try this out and then apply it to the walls!


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Take a walk on the wild side and experience the exciting sport of rock climbing -- an adventure that delivers elevated fun, breathtaking scenery, physical and mental stimulation with spiritual and emotional rewards. Rock climbing is quickly becoming one of our nation's fastest growing activities suitable for the entire family. So come join us and rediscover yourself in a way that you have never done before!
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