Professional Baseball Guide


Day 1 - Monday - Explosive Lifting Day:

Hurdle Jumps
4 sets, 6 jumps

Dot Drills
3 sets

These plyometrics are very beneficial for any athlete and are used in football very commonly; plyometric exercises develop awesome balance, and explosive lifting technique. If you are not familiar with how to perform these exercises, make sure that you learn how to. An excellent website that is very informative for teaching lifting and training techniques is

Barbell Bench Press
1 set- 15 reps
2 sets- 8 reps
2 sets- 5 reps
1 set- 2 reps

Front Barbell Squat
1 set- 15 reps
2 sets- 8 reps
1 set- 5 reps
3 sets- 2 reps

Barbell Push Press
1 set- 15 reps
3 sets- 8 reps
2 sets- 5 reps

The purpose of this workout is to develop explosive lifting technique while remaining very stable. I believe through the barbell push press, great shoulder strength is achieved, which is vital for a strong swing in baseball.

Today will not be the only day we use shoulders though, later in the week we will attack the shoulders using a different variation, striking a different area of the shoulder as well. I chose the front barbell squat also to develop balance, stability, shoulder strength, and huge leg strength.

The front squat is a challenging exercise that any athlete can benefit from. Lastly, the barbell bench press. The objective here is clear, to develop a strong pushing through usage of the triceps, shoulders, and chest. Another excellent athletic power lift.

Day 2 - Tuesday - Accessory Lifting Day

1/2 mile Light Jog

Upright Barbell Rows
2 sets of 12
2 sets of 8

Bent over Barbell Rows
3 sets of 8

Triceps Pushdowns With Rope or Straight Bar
3 sets of 12
2 sets of 8

Lateral Dumbbell Raises
3 sets of 8

Front Plate/ Dumbbell Raises
3 sets of 12

Today there is a great emphasis placed on the upper body. We are going to hit our back muscles, triceps, and shoulders. Not a lot of cardio will be done today, just a light jog to get our hearts pumping, and no plyometrics either.

Our weightlifting session should take between 45 minutes and an hour. No longer, and no additional exercises either. Rest is a very important aspect of training, and in order to grow and increase strength, you must allow your body plenty of rest. Call it quits, and rest up before tomorrow!

Day 3- Wednesday- Non- Lifting Day

Though today is not a lifting day, it is a practice day. Along with your usual coach's practice regimens, there are a few really good exercises, and practice techniques you can go through to improve your baseball success.

The first thing we are going to do is walking lunges. No weight necessary, just bodyweight. We want to shoot for endurance here, so we are going to do walking lunges, between 20 and 50 yards, or whatever distance suits you best. Do these between 2 and 4 sets.

Walking Lunges.

The second running technique we are going to look at is high knee runs. These are performed just as they sound. You choose a stretch, probably between 30 and 50 yards, and run with good form, but great speed, lifting your knees up to your chest with each stride.

Remember while performing these to also run on your toes, don't let your heels drop to the ground, this will slow you down. Also, use your arms in this exercise as well. There is a technique called the nose to pocket technique. When you raise your left leg, you raise your right arm to your nose, and vice versa. Do this exercise 2 to 4 sets also.

High Knee Runs.

This last exercise is a classic, but almost never used in any sport for training. Jumping jacks. You heard me correctly. Have you ever thought of jumping jacks as being an explosive exercise? Well, the truth is, they are. You can use jumping jacks greatly to your advantage to develop awesome explosive technique. I guarantee through doing 3 sets of jumping jacks to failure will tire you out, and you will feel the burn afterwards!

Jumping Jacks.

Hopefully through these accessory endurance workouts, you will notice an increase in speed, and endurance. Remember though, do not push yourself too hard today. Today is supposed to be an off day, and is only meant to keep your endurance up, not to break down muscle tissue or gain great strength. Let's recover and get ready for tomorrow!

Day 4 - Thursday- Explosive Lifting Day

Hurdle Jumps
4 sets, 6 jumps

Dot Drills
3 sets

Power Cleans
1 set of 15 reps
2 sets of 8 reps
2 sets of 5 reps
1 set of 2 reps

Barbell Jump Squats
2 sets of 15 reps
2 sets of 8 reps
1 set of 5 reps
1 set of 2 reps

Barbell Jump Squats.

Barbell Jump Shrugs
1 set of 15 reps
2 sets of 8 reps
1 set of 5 reps
1 set of 2 reps

Barbell Jump Shrugs.

There you have it, your entire workout. Once again, it looks like it won't take long, which it shouldn't, but I can promise that you will be tired afterwards. The idea of today's workout is to increase strength and also focus on endurance.

Once again, we will be beginning our workout with plyometrics for an increase in balance, speed, and agility as well. The power cleans will assist with explosive power for jumping to catch a ball, or accelerating from base to base.

The barbell jump squats are an interesting exercise to take a look at. These are meant to be performed just like a regular barbell back squat, but on the ascension you will jump at the top of the movement. Use a relatively light weight for this exercise, they are meant for speed and power, but not for usage of maximum weight.

Lastly, the barbell jump shrugs. These will hit your upper back and traps very well. Also your shoulders are used, and forearms to hold onto the weight. This is an all- around strength movement, meant for awesome acceleration in the power clean.

Day 5 - Friday- Accessory Lifting Day

Hill Sprints
4 sets

The objective of hill sprints is basic, and very easy to perform. All you need is a hill. The idea here is to increase stabilization, speed, and calf strength. If you can sprint up a fairly steep hill quickly, then running from base to base will be a breeze!

Dumbbell Chest Flyes
3 sets of 12 reps

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions
3 sets of 8 reps

Leg Curls
3 sets of 12 reps

Hanging Leg Raises
3 sets to failure

Barbell Bicep Curls
3 sets of 12 reps

Today's workout is as follows. Very simple, and very basic. The objective here is the hit muscles used in other exercises, very directly. We actually want to isolate the muscle, which is what we usually aim not to do. But in order to strength the muscles that we lift explosively with, hitting them directly for a few sets a piece will accelerate growth and strength gains.

This workout should take you between 45 minutes and an hour. We don't want to stay in the gym long, we just want to stimulate the unused muscles, and get a good pump.

Always remember to warm-up and stretch properly. In the past few months of my training, I have realized how great stretching is for your performance in the gym! Allow yourself to squat deeper, push further, and pump longer by allowing yourself a good 15 minutes to stretch your entire body, and warm all of your muscles with low weight.

If you are going to barbell bench press, take a few moments to warm-up your shoulders and triceps. Then, use a couple of light dumbbells and do a warm-up set of light flat presses. This will allow a great stretch in the muscles, and pump more blood into the muscle.

There are a lot of myths out there that say that stretching makes you weaker. This could not be further from the truth. Stretching will help you with your performance in the gym, and on the baseball field!

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