This workout is in fact a superset, that is extremely fatiguing.

What Does Med-Con Stand For?

Metabolic Conditioning.

What does this workout do?

It depletes all glucose stores from the body, immediately increasing fat burn.

It requires you to use your max testosterone output. The benefits of this is during recovery your overall testosterone will increase.

It strengthens the core within. The Rectus Adominus and lower Erector Spine are constantly enguaged.

When is the best time to perform this workout

At the end of your program is the most ideal time to complete this. It ends your program with a blast of your last amount of energy.

What is the Med-Core Workout

The Workout;

Set 1

21 Overhead Kettlebell thrusts : 35 lbs.
21 Deep Squated Medcine Ball Tosses (Hit Wall at 12 feet high): 15lb ball


15 Overhead Kettlebell thrusts : 35 lbs.
15 Deep Squated Medcine Ball Tosses (Hit Wall at 12 feet high): 15lb ball


15 Overhead Kettlebell thrusts : 35 lbs.
15 Deep Squated Medcine Ball Tosses (Hit Wall at 12 feet high): 15lb ball

TRY THIS WORKOUT; It strengthens your back to the extreme of actually feeling taller and more upright the next day- Good Luck.

RECORD TIME TO BEAT: 3 Minutes 15 Seconds!

-Dylan H.

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