Killer Core Workout


This program rips up each part of the abs at a time starting with;

1.Upper abs
3.Lower abs

This workout can be done in 30 mins with a high intensity 10 minute warm-up to a break a sweat before you begin.

1. Upper abs;

Basic Crunch: 2x20
Exercise Ball Crunch: 2x15
Med. Ball Crunch: 2x12
Ab Machine Crunch or Cable Crunch: 3x12

2. Obliques:

Oblique Crunch (legs turned to one side crunch up obliques): 2x20
Oblique Raise ball (ask a trainer if you don't know):2x15
Oblique Standing Straight Arm Cable Twist: 2x12
Roman Twist with Med ball (crunch postion move ball side to side)3x20

3. Lower abs:

Legs to arms pass with Exercise ball (laying on your back):3x10
Leg Lifts: Hold legs a foot off the ground for 30 seconds 3 sets
Leg Lifts on Roman Chair (captains chair):2x20

Biscycle : Until burnout.

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Questions for my

danmanxr's picture

Questions for my abdominally-gifted friend Dylan.

(1) I was taught to work lower abs before upper abs. I can' quite remember why but I think it is because the lower abs are much stronger than the upper abs. I know I can take much harder punches to my lower 2 rows of abs then my upper 2 rows.

(2) I've seen on bodybuilding forums that it's just wrong to talk about "upper abs" and "lower abs". They say that the abdominis rectus is one long muscle.

Okay my main abs trainer for years has been Andy and he says that although it's true that these are one muscle that there is a different nerve that stimulates the upper and lower parts of the abs.

I also learned to contract my left column of abs for isolation then the right. He got me crunching left and right sides of my abs on the machine crunch. So it seems that even each column of abs can be isolated.

Another mind-body philosophy of science question is how is it that I can think "contract my abs" and my abs get contracted. I don't think HOW it's done at all. I just think "contract" and my abs do what they need to do.

Some thoughts.

Its the same as upper chest

dylan's picture

Its the same as upper chest and lower chest... There is no such thing many people same to think so but it is all the chest muscle BUT you are targeting different muscle fibers when you switch up the incline.

Same thing with Rectus Abdominals, such thing as Upper and Lower...HOWEVER... when referring to certain exercises that require different movements and helping one understand the concept, it is easy to classify as upper and lower abdominals.

Working the Lower Abs first may send some Abdominal stimulation Simliar to the Theory that working the biceps triggers nerves in the Triceps to help them work better post to bicep work.

There is no real order to work lower abs or upper abs first, or second. You have to switch it up.

you must always tighten *contract your abs when doing abs exericse to stimulate.

A simple method to test this. Stand up straight Contract your abs and curl forward.

Now do the same Thing. without contracting them, your stomach just folds over and your muscles are not used.

Thanks for your feedback.

I appreciate the opportunity to respond to all comments,

-Dylan Hickey

Definitely, Dylan. With

andy61801's picture

Definitely, Dylan. With careful attention you can focus your attention to different part of a muscle group.

I like the way you offer

danmanxr's picture

I like the way you offer simple tests for your theories!

Dylan (and anyone) here's a test for you:

Stand up and put your hands on your head and CONTRACT YOUR ABS AS HARD AS YOU CAN and HOLD THE CONTRACTION and then COUGH.

What you should notice is that your abs get even tighter.

What we've done through medicine ball abs workouts (receiving the ball into our abs) and taking punches is to to help train those supporting muscles to the abs.

We can then take punches with no notice and our abs suddenly contract amazingly fast and tight to receive the blow.

Most guys with muscular abs have never trained all the core muscles. Boxers and MMA fighters who do this sort of training can take an amazing amount of body punches.

The point about working lower abs first is that the upper abs can fatigue sooner then the lower abs. It's a minor point and mostly for beginners. When you've been working your abs hard for years the upper and lower abs can equalize. Still, my lower abs can take a lot of harder punches and more of them then my upper rows.

I'm thinking through which

andy61801's picture

I'm thinking through which abdominal exercises we'll do tonight and am going back to my gymnastics on this.

Here's a great one from GymnasticsBodies This is a great site and brings back so many damn good memories.

This exercise is called Body Lever (for obvious reasons):

Not sure how to embed html so you get the video here (I'm not great at the computer other than word processing)

Body Levers are a great core exercise. This one is performed properly by a young gymnast.

As you gain core strength and have the flexibility, try lowering your legs farther and farther.

How many days a week should

oldman's picture

How many days a week should you work your abs to get the best results?

I work mine every second

justin's picture

I work mine every second day, giving them enough time to fully recover. This has worked fairly well in developing my abs.

Loosing the fat, is another story though.

I forget who told me, but as

oldman's picture

I forget who told me, but as I understand it your abs recover faster then other muscle groups. I only work mine 2 or 3 days a week and I saw that in Arnold's workout he works them 10 mins every day. Just wondering if it alright to work your abs on back to back days.

never mind arnold only

oldman's picture

never mind arnold only worked out 3 days a week, my bad. So I am guessing it is wise to take a day off and let your abs recover just like every other muscle group.

I do basic crunches at least

tritumscorpio's picture

I do basic crunches at least three times a week and I'm developing my abs very slowly. With this free guide I'm sure I could do it in a shorter time! Thanks a lot!

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