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In here you will find a list of FREE nutrition guides. All these guides have been approved by FWG employees, feel free to leave comments on any of the guides. If you wish to submit a FWG workout guide you may submit your guide to us here.

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Recommended Daily Intakes (RDI)


These are the recommended daily intakes given by:


Vitamin A - 750
mcg retinol equivalents Thiamin (mg)- 1.1

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Steak Burger

Protein: the main source the body uses to repair and build tissue, such as muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails, bone, organs. They can also be used as a course of energy. There are 4 calories per one gram of protein.

Proteins are called polypeptides. They are composites of amino acids that join together.

  • Protein can be classified as incomplete or complete:
  • Incomplete proteins are missing at least one of the 9 essential amino acids. These are usually found in plant food. (This is why vegetarians tend to be lacking in protein.)
  • Complete proteins have all 9 essential amino acids. Usually found in meats.
  • The average amount of protein a body needs depends on the activity level of the person. Your average person needs about 0.8 grams per kilogram, but someone who is very athletic can have as much as 1 gram per pound of body weight.

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    Fiber is a complex carbohydrates and natural polymers, their are two main types of Fiber Soluble (found in fruit, beans, food gums, oats, ect...) Insoluble (found in cereals, ect...).

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    Performance Enhancing Substances


    Performance Enhancing Substances

    Two principle categories of peformance-enhancing substances will be considered:

    • Naturally occurring hormones and the drugs that mimic their effects
    • Dietary Supplements
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    Foods You Should Eat Daily


    These are some Great foods you should pick up at your grocery store for daily eating.

    Main vitamin or nutrient: Lycopene

    If you don’t have them growing in your back yard, chances are, you have them in your fridge. Tomatoes are a simple staple that many generations across many different cultures have and continue to use widely. It is estimated that the average person eats around 80 pounds of tomatoes per year.

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    Food Label Tips by Arm88

    Food label tips - by arm88

    Here's another well written post from one of our users in the forums. Arm88

    This is just to get people to understand food labels a little better.

    All food labels work under 2000 calorie diet, so the percentages you see on the side are the percent you need if your intake is within a 2000 calorie diet. For example if you see 30g of protein then it would say “% Daily Value = 60%”.

    Also calories are made up of carbohydrates, protein, and fat (your macronutrients). In 1 gram of protein there is 4 calories, in 1 gram of carbohydrates theirs 4 calories, and in 1 gram of fat there is 9 calories, also in 1 gram of alcohol there is 7 calories. So for example if you have something with 2 grams of fat, 2 grams of protein, and 7 carbohydrates then it should equal out to be 54 calories.

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    What is Protein? Why do I need It? How much Should I Consume?

    protein building block.gif

    What is protein? How much protein do we need? Is it possible to eat too much protein? These are important questions for people following a low carb way of eating, who usually are replacing part of their carbohydrate intake with protein.

    What is protein?
    Protein is one of the basic building blocks of the human body, being about 16 percent of our total body weight. Muscle, hair, skin, and connective tissue are mainly made up of protein. However, protein plays a major role in all of the cells and most of the fluids in our bodies. In addition, many of our bodies' important chemicals -- enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, and even our DNA -- are at least partially
    made up of protein. Although our bodies are good at “recycling” protein, we use up protein constantly, so it is important to continually replace it.

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    Sleep and Napping

    Sleeping racoon

    This guide has to do with lack of sleep and how it can affect your body. Also, things one can do to improve there energy through out the day.

    Sleep is an extremely important part of a person’s day; one should get at least 6-8 hours sleep to fully function the next day. Research shows that sleep deprivation is linked (epically in university students) to “poor grades, irritability, difficulty concentrating, unhealthy eating, weight gain – and ultimately heart disease, obesity, and diabetes” according to Student Health 101.

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    About Vitamins



    • Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin. Is important for many reactions of amino acid metabolism. Also, necessary for the release of glucose from glycogen.

      Vitamin B6 is found in foods such as: Bananas, Fish (most), Liver, Meat, Nuts and seeds, Potatoes and sweetpotatoes, Poultry, Whole-grain and fortified cereals.

    • Vitemin B12 is important for the normal functioning of the brain, nervous system, and formation of the blood. Its involved with the metabolism of every cell in the body. Also, involved with energy production.
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    Glycemic Index (Why eating 6-8 times a day is better) - by Arm88

    Why eating 6-8 times a day is better

    Glycemic index (GI) refers to how fast sugar (glucose) enters the blood stream after carbohydrates are digested.
    What can happen if you’re GI is too high:

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    Abs Diet Guide By Mens Health


    Let the Dinner Bell Ring
    Most diets are all about what foods you'll cut out. This one is all about what you'll include. And that's good news, because if you want to emerge on the other side of this plan with a new body, you must have the flexibility and freedom to keep yourself from getting hungry, and the knowledge that you can eat well no matter what.

    So let's get right to it, because eating more of the right foods more often is the basis of the Abs Diet. Remember:


    That's why the Abs Diet isn't a diet you'll feel you "have to" stick to. It's one you'll want to stick to.

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    Create Your Own Meal!


    Here is a great list of healthy foods that I often eat. If anyone wants to add to this list just make sure to comment on the bottom.

    Everyone needs a few ideas to great healthy meals. Here are a few of my favorite foods.

    Choose a Serving of Protein, Carbohydrates and Vegetables with each meal.

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    Building the Perfect Salad

    The Perfect Salad

    Go Green
    Your guide to building the perfect salad
    By Elizabeth M. Ward, M.S., R.D.

    Done right, a salad can supply fiber, protein, and potent disease-fighting phytonutrients. Done wrong, it's no better than fast food. Turn over a new leaf with these easy suggestions.

    Get Raw
    Fresh spinach has nearly nine times the bone-building vitamin K of iceberg lettuce. Use at least 2 cups and you'll get some hefty doses of zeaxanthin and lutein to protect your vision as well.

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    Good Fats

    Fat: Acts as the main source of energy for the body. Each gram of fat is equal to 9 calories. (Double that of protein of carbohydrates)

    • Some functions of fat:
  • Energy storage
  • For proper cell functioning
  • Insulating vital organs
  • Supply for essential fatty acids
  • Helps carry fat soluble vitamins
  • Consists of glycerol molecules (monoclyceride, diglyiceride, and triglycride (fatty acids))
    • Fatty acids are saturated or unsaturated:
  • Saturated fats are found from animal sources. Usually found in lard, whole milk, cream, butter, cheese, ice cream, coconut oil. (Saturated fats raise cholesterol levels)
  • Unsaturated fats are mostly found in plant sources and fish. Usually found in fish oils, peanut oil, olive oil, canola oil. (Unsaturated fats help lower cholesterol)
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    Six Pack Abs Healthy Meals of the Week

    Six Pack Abs Healthy Meal

    Once again I want to thank Mike Geary for suppling us with some of his famous guides.

    Written by Mike Geary

    I've received lots of questions recently about exact meal ideas that are actually healthy and can help to lose fat and get those six pack abs quicker. So, here's some ideas from some of my own super-healthy meals this week:

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    Goodbye belly fat


    In a world of processed foods and fatty snacks, there is much concern over weight gain and obesity. For those of us who tend to carry the weight in our stomach area, this makes you at a higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

    For people with large bellies, their body often loses sensitivity to insulin, an important hormone that helps the body feel energized and burn energy. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease occur because of too much bad cholesterol in their systems.

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    Fruit and Veggetable Recovery Shake!


    The Healthy Recovery Shake

    This shake is vital for the restoration of nutritional content after a hard workout.

    The beauty of this shake is that not only does it contain 2 of the healiest vegetables... it tastes great!!


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    Vitamin Supplments for Athletes vs Body Builders


    Athletes have very demanding nutritional needs. The prime nutritional supplement requirement for performance is energy, and high energy, "quick energy" from foods should be eaten. If your involved in high action sports you need more complex carbohydrates and protein then those involved in low a low energy sport,


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    5 Natural Ways to Boost your Metabolism!


    If you think back to your own personal health history, I am confident you can pinpoint a time in your life when the weight just started to “creep” up on you. Whether it was an emotional or stressful trigger that started the number on the scale to climb or the hectic pace of life which caused health to take a back burner position – one day you wake up and realize just do not feel like the vibrant, fit person you were meant to be. The good news is, the body has an amazing forgiving and restorative nature – given the proper foods, nutrients and conditions, it responds positively in a very short time.

    The question that researchers and doctors have been investigating for years is whether metabolism can be altered through various lifestyle and dietary changes. If you have difficulty losing weight, it is thought that you are one of the unlucky ones that have a “slow” metabolism dooming you to a future of continued weight gain and weight loss struggles. If you have a “fast” metabolism, you may be among one of those lucky few who can eat anything and everything they wish never gaining a pound.

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    6 Nutrition Commandments!


    1. Eat Every 2-3 Hours

    Eating every 2-3 hours is essential to keep your metabolism boosted. This enables the body to constantly have food digested therefore providing your body will endless energy and constantly feeding your body the nutrients it needs-especially if you are on a strict workout plan. If you are cutting fat, smaller portions are necessary. The term “grazing” is often used. Eating 3 large meals and grazing on snacks all day to keep your metabolism up and body fueled to its full potential. If you are trying to bulk on some mass, constant intake of higher calorie meals every 2-3 hours will give you the most for the time your spending in the gym.

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    Are you a Hard-Gainer?


    While there are a few men out there who just look at a weight and put on muscle, for most men, gaining muscle mass means working hard.

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    Cheat Meals

    Alcohol Cheat Meals, Dining Out and Fast Food!!!

    I read something recently ‘drink the alcoholic beverage of your choice and still make progress’ hmmmm. Is it possible, YES. But you have to ask yourself these questions. Do I want to spend the next 6 months making a small amount of progress during the week and them stumble around the local night club like bambi all weekend only to be back at square one on Monday? Now to me that would sound STUPID. But I’ll let you make your own decisions!

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    Post Workout Drink- Chocolate Milk


    To get the best results from your training, ensure that your post-workout drink or meal is up to par.

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    20 Plus Healthy Snacks - Max Wettstein

    Hey Guys / Girls

    Check out this video for some awesome snack ideas. There's so many you won't run out of ideas for months.

    The List Includes:
    • Dark Chocolate
    • Whole Almonds
    • & Many More

    My personal favorite snack is: Broccoli, Almonds, & Cottage Cheese Dry Curds. What's yours?
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    Brad Pitts Nutrtion Plan for Fight Club and Troy


    Nutrition & Diet

    Brad's diet is the most important aspect when it comes to getting him in shape for a role. Don't just think he trains hard in the gym, his diet accounts for much of his success in achieving the physique produces. For his Fight Club role Pitt took on a very strict and consistent diet eating six small meals a day which included a Whey Protein Powder and on occasion some protein bars, no other supplements were used by Pitt, however much of his nutrition came from whole foods high in protein like Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Lean Meat, Eggs and Cottage Cheese. Carbohydrates were very clean and included Wholewheats and Grains, Green Vegetables, Oats and Rice Cakes, which were then tappered off in his last two meals of the day.

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    Carbohydrates are a major source for energy for the body, also helps maintain cell and generates heat. Each gram of carbohydrates has 4 calories. There are two types of carbohydrates, simple and complex.

    Simple Carbohydrates: Often called sugar, has little nutritional value.

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    Glycemic Index - Good Carbs/Bad Carbs...

    Good carbs or bad carbs?

    This is a great discussion on the Glycemic Index.

    Now your probably wondering what is the Glycemic Index and how does it affect me?

    Read this:
    The glycemic index came about as a result of trying to determine how different foods impact your blood sugar levels. The more impact the food has, the higher it is on the glycemic index. For example white bread has a GE of around 70, and oat raison bread (whole grain) has a GE of around 47. jelly beans are around 80, while cherries come in at a low 22. What does all that really mean to you?

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    Tuesday's FWG Meal - Steak, Grilled Green Pepper, Cottage Cheese & Almond Salad

    A meal fit for Kings

    Hey guys, Dylan and I were cooking up a meal yesterday for dinner and we thought: Hey lets post some pics of our meals?.. So here's Meal Number 1 on Tuesday.

    1.) A Large Steak
    2.) Grilled Green Peppers
    3.) Cottage Cheese & Almond Salad

    And don't forget the glass of wine on the side.
    Enjoy! =)

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    What Supplements Should I Take?



    Understanding fact from fiction can be crucial to your health when it comes to supplements. We’ve all heard the pitch, “Get ripped in no time!” or “Burn fat the easy way!” Sounds pretty good right? Well, that all depends. Today’s vast array of health and fitness supplements can be mind numbing to navigate, and deciding what type of supplement is appropriate for your individual body and workout goals can be even harder. Supplements can be effective in helping you reach your goals, but they also have the potential to increase your heart rate and blood pressure, while others just don’t work. Before you pony up for another supplement, let’s take a closer look at a few of today’s most popular health and fitness supplements.

    Protein powders

    What are they?

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    Nutrition Guide to Achieve 5% Body Fat


    Dylan Hickey – 7 days out
    August 9, 2008

    9 – Saturday – zc cycle:

    6:00 am Pre Cardio (30 Minutes High Intensity Cardio): 1000 mg of Vitamin C + 500 mg of Calcium.

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    Calories in Fruit


    Apples, Eating, Average, Raw
    Calories in 100g of apples
    Calories -47.0kcal
    Carbohydrate -11.8g
    Protein -0.4g
    Fat -0.1g
    Fibre -1.8g
    Alcohol- 0.0g

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    Balanced Diet and Workouts


    If you’re like most guys, your grocery list is crammed with such indispensable goodies as cookies, beer, chips, salami, and Pop Tarts. But if you want to a healthy, well-balanced diet, all those things have to go, right? Wrong. If you make a few wise healthy food substitutions at the market, all your favorite vices can remain on the list. Swap that snack mix for a low-calorie version. Grab a bag of all-natural cookies instead of those sugary, fatty ones. You’ll still get all the flavor and satisfaction you’re used to, but without the ill health effects. However, remember that the key is moderation, even with low-calorie substitutes. Goodies are goodies and they shouldn’t be considered a core part of your diet.

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    Catabolism: The Importance of Eating

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    7 Desserts You Shouldn't be Eating!


    If you're among the many men who try to keep an eye on their weight but still have a sweet tooth, I have some good news: You can now have your cake and eat it too -- as long as it's low fat.

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    Michael Phelps Diet


    Swimmer Michael Phelps’s next career may be in competitive eating.

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    Low Carb Diets


    Low-carbohydrate diets are the current “in” method used to shed pounds and reveal those muscles you’ve worked hard to gain.

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    Calories in Vegetables


    Calories in Broccoli, Green,
    Boiled Med portion, 85g 20 0.7

    Calories in Brussels Sprouts,
    Boiled 6 sprouts, 60g 21 0.8

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    ZMA The hottest new supplement



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    Replacements for Unhealthy Foods

    crispbread pizza.jpg

    If you’re like most guys, your grocery list is crammed with such indispensable goodies as cookies, beer, chips, salami, and Pop Tarts.

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    Comparing Diet Plans


    This is another intresting article I found on diet plans and which one works the best. The results may seem susprising!

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