Cheat Meals

Alcohol Cheat Meals, Dining Out and Fast Food!!!

I read something recently ‘drink the alcoholic beverage of your choice and still make progress’ hmmmm. Is it possible, YES. But you have to ask yourself these questions. Do I want to spend the next 6 months making a small amount of progress during the week and them stumble around the local night club like bambi all weekend only to be back at square one on Monday? Now to me that would sound STUPID. But I’ll let you make your own decisions!

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for having fun! I’ve been known to have a bit of ‘sauce’ now and again (3 times this year) but I do so in an intelligent manner. Ideally I like to drink cider. Yes sugary, calorie laden cider. So I don’t! I drink spirits! Jack and DIET coke, Vodka and Diet Sprite. Not big silly looking cocktails or pints of beer! Don’t drink regularly! Be smart. Fine, enjoy special occasions and the rare party but do not make a habit of it or you will be in an uphill battle with your physique FOREVER. I know I’m a spoil sport. And I DO practice what I preach (most of the time) Come on I’m allowed some grace I’ve earned it. I walk around at 7% (full body DEXA scan which equates to about 4.5% on skinfold) I had only just finished this section when Ian directed me to a recent article by Dr. John Berardi (Precision Nutrition) that got me fired up. I loved it! Some clown was presenting about the paleo diet and then went outside and ate a half loaf of bread and drank 6 pints of GUINNESS! Ha. That sounds familiar and I am with Dr. Berardi on this one! (Bryan Kavanagh)

Nutrition labels tell you how much of each nutrient there is in 100g (3½ oz) of food, and sometimes per serving. The amount of the nutrient you get will depend on the size of your serving or helping. There are no laws on the serving sizes used on the labels so check that the size on the label matches what you eat.

Are Cheat Meals Resisting or Assisting Your Progress???

Ultimately we all know, or at least we all should know, that anyone seeking real fat loss results will ultimately need a nutritional overhaul. If the goal is fat loss, then addressing ones nutrition, along with meal timing and balancing the ratio of macronutrients at every feeding is an absolute must.Fat loss doesn't need to become too complicated, but we as humans and our want to satisfy our taste buds is what starts to complicate matters when it comes to fat loss and nutrition.

The majority of people know what is needed in order to achieve real fat loss results. You need to simply EXPEND more energy than you CONSUME. You achieve this by incorporating sensible nutritional strategies and increasing your level of physical activity. It’s not Rocket-Science!!! We’re not going to get into a discussion here on what training methods work best for fat loss as that has already been covered in the chapter on training.

Here we will focus on the mindset you will need for true fat loss success, and how you can decide for yourself whether or not you're an eligible candidate for a cheat meal.

Your Guide To Understanding The Use Of Cheat Meals!!!

So What Constitutes A Cheat Meal??? Understand that it’s a CHEAT MEAL, NOT a cheat 3-course meal, and most certainly NOT a cheat day.

Do You Qualify For A Cheat Meal??? Are you a candidate for a cheat meal? How do you decide if you're eligible? Well the answer is rather simple. There are a few things you need to consider before gorging down on some junk. Let's discuss these below:

    1) If you tell yourself you can't have something, well you're going to crave it even more. This is simple human nature. So I like the idea of having the occasional treat, provided it remains an occasional treat. This is what we refer to as the 90/10 rule. Also, you will need to do something to EARN that treat, so if you're sitting on your backside all day long watching the Simpsons, then a treat or cheat meal is a BIG FAT NO NO for you!

    2) The less you train, and the less active you are overall, then the less likely it is that you should even consider having a cheat meal or treat. Take a look at the picture on the right and ask yourself if this person looks deserving of a cheat meal??? Will he ‘Get Away’ with a cheat meal???

    3) Will you be able to make that one cheat meal or treat remain one cheat meal or treat? Or are you the type of individual who knows that you will snowball, and soon that one cheat meal will become two, and then three, and before you know it, you're back eating how you used to, eating the way that made you fat and out of shape in the first place?

    4) How important are your fat loss goals to you? Is loosing the excess and unhealthy body fat really that important to you? Or is your need to temporarily please your taste buds more important to you?
    REMEMBER it's called a cheat meal. It Is NOT a 3-course cheat meal, nor a cheat day, and most certainly not a cheat week. Can you make a cheat meal just that? A cheat meal, without it turning into a cheat day, or a cheat week?

This is when cheat meals become tricky. Everybody is different, and some people will not be able to settle for just the one cheat meal. For some people a simple cheat meal will end up a cheat day, or worse still, a cheat week. The good ole "I'll start over on Monday" way of thinking will kick in.

How Often Is A Cheat Meal Allowed???

Regardless of your goals, whether they be muscle gain or fat loss, and regardless of whether or not you're already in great shape, deciding whether or not you should have a cheat meal is entirely up to you and how fast you want to see results.

We suggest that no one should be having more than 1-2 cheat meals a week (I SAY NO MORE THAN 1), and always remember it's a cheat meal, not a cheat 3-course meal. Got it??? Good!

If you're having a cheat meal in a fast food joint, such as a diner, do yourself a favour and skip the fries and soft drink. You're going to be chowing down on enough calories and saturated fat, without the need to add to the calories count with dirty fries and a sugary soft drink.

The decision whether or not you should have a weekly cheat meal is entirely up to you. We suggest that you start asking yourself how important your goals are and to start practicing delayed gratification. The feeling of been lean and athletic is a lot tastier than any cheat meal, and the taste will last a lot longer too.

If You’re Going To Cheat, Do It Right!!!

DON’T fool yourself into thinking you’re being good by going for the so-called ‘HEALTHY’ option when it comes to cheat meals. If you want a cookie, go ahead and have a proper cookie. If you’re going to have pizza, go have a few slices of pizza from Dominos, and if you want a big-ass burger, go get one from a proper burger joint or diner and not a soggy burger from Mickey D’s.

Cheat To WIN!!!

Okay so every time you dine out doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cheat! You CAN dine out at a fancy (or not so fancy) restaurant and still make good food choices. You DON’T have to necessarily make a show of yourself every time you go out for a meal.

The free bread they put on the table? NO. You don’t need or want these ridiculously empty calories! Just resist or if you can’t resist but don’t want to be rude, tell the staff you are a celiac/ coeliac. Coeliac disease is caused by a reaction to gliadin, a gluten protein found in wheat. NASTY side effects! They will throw them bread rolls out the window! Now scan the menu, see if anything tickles your fancy.

Well to be honest I’d try skip this but if you are in a large group it is sometimes unavoidable or to people who don’t understand you will seem like a NUT JOB because you don’t want to stuff an extra 550kcal in your mouth! If you must get a mini Caesar salad or a meat based starter. Main course? Do they have Steak? Chicken? Salmon? All menus have these! Now here comes the tricky part! Don’t order fries OR a smelly baked potato OR mashed potato OR throw a heap of sugar and fat laden sauce all over it!

Get the sauce on the SIDE.
Most restaurants are very accommodating and will meet these needs! Now you need to increase the AMOUNT of food your eating A LOT in order to make you full! Ask can you have an extra serving of vegetables INSTEAD of the fries. Now make sure and ask for lots of green vegetables and not more potato! Same again if you are in a large group and/ or don’t want to offend anyone just tell them you have an intolerance to potato! Think it doesn’t exist? Just say ‘I have a potato intolerance’ Potato allergy is rare, with patatin identified as the major food allergen. It has something to do with IgE (Immunoglobin E)-binding epitopes of patatin. MOUTHFUL. If you say that you are SORTED! People will leave you alone! On a side note, potato is the sole cause in five patients out of twenty-two with eczema in one study. I’m not saying anything. Just some potato for thought. It’s funny slating potatoes actually. Being Irish and all; ‘Eat your spuds!’ was the common term around the dinner table! After all we did LIVE on them for 100’s of years! That was necessity. If I’m literally on the brink of starvation I MAY just have a potato or two. Until then ill stick to my vegetables thank you.

DON’T Keep Cheat Meal Foods In Your House!

If you are going to have a cheat meal you should

    1) EAT OUT
    2) ORDER IN or
    3) only BUY ENOUGH food for one cheat meal at a time and cook at home.

DO NOT keep cheat meal foods stocked at home.

Cheat Meal Rules To Be OBEYED!!!

    Rule 1: Skip the FRIES, BREADS and SOFT DRINKS!
    Rule 2: Get your DRSSINGS on the SIDE!
    Rule 3: Drink ONLY Water!
    Rule 4: Avoid your TRIGGER foods.
    Rule 5: No more than 1-2 ‘Cheat Meals’ per week.
    Rule 6: DO NOT keep cheat meal foods in your house.
    Rule 7: The DECISION to EAT a cheat meal is YOURS!

Obeying these cheat meals... you can see in the picture below what I had for my Chest Meal asfter Bryan took all my progress pics, bodyfat % and girth measurements. I do this every 2 weeks after we assess. On the previous 2 occassions I went for footlong subway sandwiches... BUT this time I went for an Eddie Rockets (Diner Joint in Dublin) Double Take Cheesy Chicken Fillet Burger!!! NICE... And you'll notice, no starter was had and no fries, bread rolls or soft drink in site. JUST my bad-ass burger and my glass of water.

My next cheat meal will be after my 2nd competition in Canada (April 4th - comp 1 and 11th - comp 2) in April time Smiling ICE-CREAM will be most definately had. lol

THE SALAD... That's what Bryan had. He asked for a Chicken Caesar Salad, without the croutons and without the caesar sauce (lol) and got garlic sauce instead and specifically asked for it on the side. There was still about 75% of the sauce left when he was finished. SMART!!!

As Brayn said... I enjoyed my chicken fillet burger way more than I would do if it was something I ate all the time. VERY TRUE!!!

Ian Graham, ABS Co-Author
Sculpt Your Whole Life, Not Just Your Body

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Love these tips man, really

arm88's picture

Love these tips man, really an amazing post.

My cheat food is peanutbutter. Cant stop eating that stuff hahaha.

Taking out the opportunity

Derlierprossy's picture

Taking out the opportunity for this might work well for a couple of days then the motivation wanes and you drive yourself crazy, say stuff it and just go to town and eat whatever you want.

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Now’s a good time to make

lblotusbong288's picture

Now’s a good time to make it clear that “cheating” on a diet doesn’t mean having a full-on binge fest at the all-you-can-eat buffet. A cheat meal should be a conscious decision to enjoy the foods you’re craving. Bingeing is uncontrolled, rapid, and excessive eating. A cheat meal should not leave you feeling like you’re too full to stand or leave you feeling guilty and ashamed of what/how much you just ate.

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Sure, you might feel

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Sure, you might feel stronger by packing on a few more plates, but if you’re stopping a few inches shy of completing each move, you’re cheating your muscles—and that’s going to cost you better results.

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If you're doing an factual

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If you're doing an factual "cozen day", piss careful you eat munificently throughout the day. Don't "save-up" calories for a pair big star dissimulation meals either. Eat what you require, but do it frequently throughout the day instead of intermixture of yourself in one meeting.


If you're doing an factual

lblotusbong288's picture

If you're doing an factual "cozen day", piss careful you eat munificently throughout the day. Don't "save-up" calories for a pair big star dissimulation meals either. Eat what you require, but do it frequently throughout the day instead of intermixture of yourself in one meeting.


I found your blog web site

davidhussy03's picture

I found your blog web site on google and test a couple of of your early posts. Continue to maintain up the excellent operate. I just further up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Looking for ahead to studying extra from you in a while!…

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I enjoyed my chickenhearted

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I enjoyed my chickenhearted beefsteak burger way writer than I would do if it was something I ate all the moment. Rattling Unfeigned!!!

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