Brad Pitts Nutrtion Plan for Fight Club and Troy


Nutrition & Diet

Brad's diet is the most important aspect when it comes to getting him in shape for a role. Don't just think he trains hard in the gym, his diet accounts for much of his success in achieving the physique produces. For his Fight Club role Pitt took on a very strict and consistent diet eating six small meals a day which included a Whey Protein Powder and on occasion some protein bars, no other supplements were used by Pitt, however much of his nutrition came from whole foods high in protein like Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Lean Meat, Eggs and Cottage Cheese. Carbohydrates were very clean and included Wholewheats and Grains, Green Vegetables, Oats and Rice Cakes, which were then tappered off in his last two meals of the day.

Breakfast would be: 6 eggs, 6 whites, 7 yellow and 75g of oatmeal with raisins. Occasionally Pitt would replace the eggs with a Protein Shake if his schedule was tight.

Midmorning snack: Tinned Tuna in Wholewheat Pitta Breads

Lunch: 2 x Chicken Breasts, 75-100g Brown Rice or Pasta and green veggies

Mid-afternoon snack [Pre-Workout]: protein bar or Whey Protein Shake and a Banana

Post Workout: Whey Protein Shake and a Banana

Dinner: Grilled fish or chicken, brown rice or pasta, vegetables, and salad.

Evening Snack: Casein Protein Shake Protein shake or Low Fat Cottage Cheese (Slow Release Protein)

By 2000 when he began production of the movie Snatch Pitt’s body fat percentage had rose to approximately 8%, which was still very lean. Some would argue that he actually looks even leaner in Snatch, but not according to Pitt. Staying at the 5-6% he had maintained for Fight Club would not have been healthy. He cut to get the 'Fight Club Look' that was required for such a film. After the film, he relaxed his cardio and strict diet to ease himself into a more normal and manageable physique. So, what you see in Snatch are his heavy bulking efforts combined with a less strict diet. Pitt did not follow such a regimented program for Snatch, infact he barely trained at all.

Five years later Pitt was given an even more challenging body transformation, he needed to add 10-15 pounds of solid muscle for the movie Troy (2004). In order for Pitt to get ready for the role he dropped cigarettes and sharply cut back on beer and chips, although he did allow himself the occasional treat: McFlurry shakes from McDonald's!!, "though it was more for a little taste of home, you know, a little Americana." Pitt stated in a 2005 interview.

Brad used a low-carb, high-protein diet during the training for his role. Physically, Pitt prepared for the role with a year of intense training. "The first three months were daunting and not fun at all." His days included two hours in the gym, two additional hours of sword work and four high-protein, low-carb meals. As a result, he gained about 10-15 pounds of brawn.

Pitt was in pretty impressive shape in Troy, good muscle size and great proportion. He was also not looking so top heavy as he had in previous films (meaning his legs looked too skinny compared to his upper body). In Troy he’d visibly put some good mass on his thighs, which gave him a good overall appearance and a more proportionate physique. Weight training wise Pitt bought down the rep ranges compared to when he trained for Fight Club, he also lifted heavier this enabled him to add some muscle bulk.

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Nice dude, This helps alot!

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Nice dude, This helps alot!

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So now that i know what to

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So now that i know what to eat, what do you guys say for workout itself? I've, tried just doing crunches after crunches and I'm not getting anywhere...

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Michael, just doing crunches

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Michael, just doing crunches won’t help you get abs, you need to do exercises that will burn calories faster and that will increase your metabolism. For example, squats, dead lifts, bench press. Also, you should try doing some high intensity cardio like sprinting, this will help you burn weight and get lean faster.

Dylan has a really good post of brad pitt's Troy workout schedule, you should take a look:

Hope this helps.

Good Post Arm. Enough said.

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Good Post Arm.
Enough said.

Okay, here are 2 photo links

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Okay, here are 2 photo links of Pitt from the movie Troy that I found on google search.

He does look more muscular than the typical Pitt abs photos where he is scrawny. There I said it. Scrawny. LOL


Jacked lol I will become

justin's picture

Jacked lol

I will become this... one day haha.

Definitely. It's not as hard

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Definitely. It's not as hard as some people think.


I wonder if he used a

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I wonder if he used a contour belt for his abs haha

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So now that i know what to

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So now that i know what to eat, what do you guys say for workout itself? I've, tried just doing crunches after crunches and I'm not getting anywhere...

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This allowed for the strength to somebody a flooded week to regain which then allows tissue processing and growth. Brad Pitts workout for his enactment as Achilles in Lion included 2-3 hours in the gym, 2 further hours of arm activity, and figure flooding accelerator meals. As a outcome, Brad Dramatist gained 10+ pounds of insufficient yobbo.

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In Metropolis he'd visibly

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In Metropolis he'd visibly put whatsoever sound prayer on his thighs, which gave him a better gross attending and a writer balanced habitus. Weight activity politic Dramatist bought downfield the rep ranges compared to when he disciplined for Essay Club, he also lifted heavier this enabled him to add some yobo mass.

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