Basic Circuit- Beginner

15 Minute Warm-up ; Bike or Treadmill

Vertical Bench Press sets 3x12
Leg Press Machine sets 3x12
( rotate set-set between machines- no breaks )

30 second break-

Lat Pulldown sets 3x12
Quad Raises sets 3x12

30 second break-

Cable Row 3x12
Hamstring Curl 3x12
(rotate in between machines-no breaks)

Shoulder Press Machine 3x12
(45 second rest between sets)

Bicep Curls-Machine Flat bar -Ground Level 3x12\
(45 seconds between sets)

Tricep Pressdown with Rope 3x12

Abs- Situps, elows to knees 3x12

Lowerback- Supermans 3x12

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