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Hi Guys it's been a while since I've last done a product review. I'm going to make this one a good one.

A few months ago just after christmas I had told a supplement rep that I was a writer on and he hooked me up with his product line to test and review { for free =) }.

I received 6 products to test, and a few extra's to give to some friends. Here are the products as tested:

  1. Breathe Ez
  2. EnduraStrength
  3. Tribulus Terrestris
  4. AntiFlamPro
  5. MuscleGro
  6. and my favorite... RecoverFast

I enjoyed testing all of these products, the thing that I liked the most was the fact that they are all natural and don't contain any crap that you don't need.

SciVation Showtime - Advanced Water Pill

SciVation Showtime - Advanced Water Pill

Hey guys, first day testing out this pill. I'm not in anyway 'cut' but I'm going to give her a test for those seeking more definition from water depletion.

Muscle Milk Review

Muscle Milk

Product Claims

BSN No-Xplode Review

BSN No-xplode


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