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Professional Baseball Guide


Day 1 - Monday - Explosive Lifting Day:

Hurdle Jumps
4 sets, 6 jumps

Dot Drills
3 sets

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Rock Climbing Guide


My interest with rock climbing began when I decided I needed a good back and bicep workout. I went rock climbing and when I left my whole body too a shock. I felt great and decided it was worth a membership. Here is a program you can do at the gym to get a great body and help you a tone for rock climbing.

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NFL Workout- Safety


When you’re watching safeties in the NFL, two physical assets usually comes to mind: strength and speed. Plain and simple: To be a good safety in the NFL, you need to be quick, have good strength behind you and be able to jump aggressively. To create an NFL workout that would resemble that of a safety, focus on building up your fast-twitch muscles along with improving your reaction time. The final point you’ll want to focus on when putting together an NFL workout for a safety is neck-strengthening. Since a great deal of neck injuries occur when playing this position, it’s essential that you take preventative measures to strengthen all the ligaments and tendons surrounding the neck.

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Snowboarding Workout


Since snowboarders need to develop a feel for the snow beneath their feet, they should include some proprioceptive exercises to aid them in developing sensitivity to the terrain. Balance discs, wobble boards, and half-dome stability balls can be used for this purpose. In this unstable environment, the athlete should practice the transition between heel-side, and toe-side edge of the board.
Different energy systems are used in snowboarding. It is useful to train your glycolytic system to tolorate the lactic acid build up that you are certain to experience on the hill. You should also incorporate a bit of aerobic exercise or cardiovascular training to improve your ability to recover quickly between runs. Put it all together, and you will be on your way to boarding with the best.

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MMA - Grappling Circut Training by Michael Hill


For all you MMA fighters and Fans out there, we all know this Saturday night Nov,15,2008 the biggest fight in UFC history is going down!!!
Randy "the natural" Couture VS Brock Lesnar.

As a personal trainer I have tried many different workouts and workout routines for months, As an all around athlete and now fighter I cant begin to explain or even have the words to explain what kind of training fighters go through. I THINK FIGHTERS ARE THE BEST TRAINED AND MOST CONDITIONED ATHLETES ON THE PLANET TODAY!

So heres a grappling circuit training guide that my man Randy Couture does.

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Strength Endurance

Strength Endurance:

Power without mass: how strength and plyometric training can boost endurance running performance

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