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Catabolism: The Importance of Eating

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6 Nutrition Commandments!


1. Eat Every 2-3 Hours

Eating every 2-3 hours is essential to keep your metabolism boosted. This enables the body to constantly have food digested therefore providing your body will endless energy and constantly feeding your body the nutrients it needs-especially if you are on a strict workout plan. If you are cutting fat, smaller portions are necessary. The term “grazing” is often used. Eating 3 large meals and grazing on snacks all day to keep your metabolism up and body fueled to its full potential. If you are trying to bulk on some mass, constant intake of higher calorie meals every 2-3 hours will give you the most for the time your spending in the gym.

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Fruit and Veggetable Recovery Shake!


The Healthy Recovery Shake

This shake is vital for the restoration of nutritional content after a hard workout.

The beauty of this shake is that not only does it contain 2 of the healiest vegetables... it tastes great!!


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Michael Phelps Diet


Swimmer Michael Phelps’s next career may be in competitive eating.

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Michael Phelps Diet

Swimmer Michael Phelps’s next career may be in competitive eating.

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Bored of What Your Eating- Eat these Healthy Meals


Hey Everyone, if you are bored of what you are eating, here is some great new ideas !

Sprouted grain toast (Ezekial) with almond butter or cashew butter and topped with fresh berries

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